Our First Post


Well, here it is, our inaugural blog post to the world! This is a big deal for us, a family of 5 without a Facebook or Instagram account between us, and here I am becoming a blogger! Don’t expect too much, I’m not looking to make this a career, just have it as a way we can keep all our wonderful family and friends aware of our experiences, and also keep it as a chronicle of our adventure around the world. You will probably even see me on Facebook and Instagram soon (gasp!) if you can believe it.

The Name: Dixsons Out (mic drop)

We spent a night brainstorming names as a family with suggestions as boring as “Our Trip Around The World,” to ones as 12-year old boyish as “Backpacks and Bad Gas.” We settled in on “Dixsons Out,” although not unanimously. I found that it encapsulates so much of what this trip is about for our family. It’s about our family making a conscious choice to be:

-OUT of the default lifestyle (House, cars, sports practices, traditional school, everyday stresses, consumerism, etc.)
-OUT of the country
-OUT of the rain
-OUT of our comfort zones
-OUT in the world
-The list goes on and on

While this has been a dream for years, this fall it became a possibility and July 6, 2016 it will be our reality!

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