Out On The Fairy Tale Road

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away a husband and wife and their 3 boys set out on an adventure around the world.  As part of their quest to see the world, they spent time exploring the Fairy Tale Road in Germany.

It was the land of The Brothers Grimm.  The brothers grew up there, hearing the stories, exploring the woods, castles and towns throughout the region and then spent their lives writing stories that would entertain people for generations.   The stories they wrote were further made popular by a man from California by the name of Walt Disney and the stories spread around the world.

As the family drove through the villages, walked through the woods and explored the castles, they were able to experience the stories with a whole new perspective.  The perspective of the Brothers Grimm.

Unlike The Brothers Grimm who used horses to travel the dirt roads where the stories took place.  The family was able to use the horsepower of their Opel horseless carriage and drive on the autobahn!  The Father used this opportunity to get the family there as quickly as possible!   He was right in his element.

Jeromy wanted me to add he made it up to 217km/h, we just didn’t get a picture
Their first stop was the town of Bremen.  Although the animals in “The Musicians of Bremen” never quite made it to Bremen they still have a statue and play in their honor.  Legend says that if you grab both legs of the donkey and make a wish, it must come true.  While I hate to dispel this long held belief, my wish that my boys would stop fighting did NOT come true.  I will have to try some more orthodox methods to deal with the situation.

This is The Roland Statue in the marktplatz Bremen. It is considered the city’s protector. It has been said that as long as Roland stands in the town, Bremen will be a free city.

From Bremen they traveled small roads through villages until they reached the town of Hamelin.  It was in this town that the Pied Piper played his tune to lure the rats,and then the children out of the town forever.
Luke trying to look the part for our stay in the castle
At the Pied Piper Museum
Pied Piper statue in Hamelin
Jeromy and I have an over/under bet on how long our kids can play near a fountain before they “accidentally” fall in. They lasted less than 3 minutes in this one!
One of the awesome things about modern technolgy is that we can be playing at a park in Hamelin, Germany and FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa in Washington!
As the sun began to set, the family grew tired from their travels
and decided to stop for the
night in Trendelberg, a small town in the
mountains and stay in Rapunzel’s castle.  While Rapunzel had long before been rescued out of the tower, the family had a wonderful stay in the castle.

Trendelburg, Germany (view from our room at the castle)
Arriving at Rapunzel’s Castle or Burg Trendleburg! The bridge we are on used to be a drawbridge.

The outside of Burg Trendelburg

The Inside

The Tower

Standing out on Rapunzel’s balcony
There was a dungeon in the bottom of the tower that had no exit. Prisoners were lowered down by rope!

Rapunzel was not the only princess to live in the region and the next day the family traveled to visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle where the boys explored how they would break in and save the princess!  (Or maybe they just like to climb anything the can).

After another nights rest they ventured out to the woods and the mother told the boys the story of Little Red Riding Hood as they wandered through the forest.  Fortunately, they did not come across any wolves, but they did find some amazing views and trees to climb!

Bergpark, Kassel, Germany
This was an amazing climbing tree

Can you find all three boys?
View of Kassel, Germany and Wilhelmshohe Castle
Bergpark, Kassel, Germany

They continued along the road and stopped in the town of Fiskar to eat and explore. This was the only place along the road where communicating was a bit of an issue, but a surprise lunch every once in awhile is good for you!

The beautiful town of Fiskar, Germany was a great place to stop for lunch.
There was a wall and many towers surrounding the town!
The boys tested their climbing skills to see if the could scale these city walls.
They were successful!

Alas, the family’s time on the fairy tale road had come to an end and it was time to move on to other adventures, but their time on The Fairy Tale Road would never be forgotten and the stories of The​ Brothers Grimm will forever be imprinted on their hearts.

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  1. I enjoy looking at all the pictures and reading your blog. Jocey …. You really missed your calling as a writer!! Keep it coming!! Love ya’ll!!


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