Out Finding “Normal” in Bangkok

*Disclaimer* If this is the first post you are reading on this blog, please go back and read any of the other posts I’ve written, where we are doing all kinds of cool things and experiencing the culture of the places we are visiting.  If you only read this post you will think we are the most boring travel family of all time.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I can let you know a little about our time in Bangkok.  As noted in previous posts, we had hit a travel burnout phase while we were in Vietnam and we really needed to take a break from the constant activity and stress of traveling and just find some sense of normal for a little while.  Bangkok was the perfect place to do this because we had already spent almost 3 weeks in other parts of Thailand, so we felt like we had seen a lot of what Thailand had to offer, and it was a big enough city to provide us with some comforts of home we had been missing.

  • We rented a three bedroom apartment with a kitchen and were able to find an “American Specialties” grocery store that allowed us to eat a bit more similar to the way we eat at home.  It was nice not having to find three meals a day at a restaurant we would all enjoy.
  • We FaceTimed with family and caught up with friends, many of which would soon be coming to visit us in Bali!
  • We went to church, where English was the primary language so we were able to stay for the classes as well as the main meeting.  It was fun to talk to fellow travelers and expats, and hear their stories of living abroad.
  • We found a trampoline park like our favorite one at home that even had dodgeball!
    Pretty good photo bomb from the worker behind Luke.
  • We let the boys play with toys (at a play place in our apartment building) and we spent quite a bit of time on school. Parker had to take his final exam for his BYU Algebra course at an international school while we were there. He got an A!
  • One of the most fun things we did was go to a Goo Goo Dolls concert.  Jeromy has loved this band for years so when they happened to be playing in Bangkok while we were there, we knew we had to go.  It was open seating and we were able to get right up in the front row!

While our time in Bangkok wasn’t the most culturally enriching, it was critical to our continued enjoyment of our travels, and gave us the respite we needed to help buoy us up for the exciting adventures that lay ahead!

2 thoughts on “Out Finding “Normal” in Bangkok

  1. Hi Dixsons. Brother Reich here. Glad you folks got a ‘break’ from your vacation/adventure. Us at home can only imagine what it would be like to fulfill an around-the-world adventure such as yours. We are blessed to have you folks doing it as proxy for us and reporting bits and pieces and telling the truth. The pictures are inspiring!
    Tell Parker Congrats on his ‘A’ in math. I am pleased that they are keeping up on their studies so that when they get back they can take a vacation from it LOL.
    Have fun and be safe.
    Alan Reich

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    1. Thanks Alan! We are so proud of Parker and all of our boys doing so well on school in such a non-traditional environment. We are also so happy to share this amazing adventure with our friends and family!


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